The Ashamed American: An Open Letter to White Supremacists

This post is going to be received negatively by a large number of people, but frankly I do not care.

My entire life, I have not been proud to be an American, at least not as a member of this country as it was founded. Before I’m bombarded with screams of “THEN LEAVE!” or “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD WE HAVE IT HERE!” why don’t you shut up and listen for once.

Growing up in the Bay Area is a blessing. But even with the diversity and culture I was lucky to grow up around, such diversity also meant I was exposed to racism at a very young age.

I was five years old when my mom and dad had to sit me down and explain to me why a first grade boy got in so much trouble for calling my African American best friend a word I thought was “knicker” on the playground.

I was eight the first time I took BART with my father to see a show in the city, and heard a man scream at another man on the train, assaulting him with racist slurs, and my father told me to keep my head down for fear of my safety should either of us get involved.

In fact, almost every year of my life, there has been one instance of horrible racism or oppression that I have witnessed that has made me ashamed of my country, and I’m white.

So while I may not understand how the American minority feels, I can only imagine that as I attempt to palate the overwhelming disdain I have for the state of this country, how people who ACTUALLY experience, and are victims of racism and oppression, must feel.

So this goes out to the white supremacists, who seem to believe that an absence of melanin makes them superior:

You do NOT get to rival Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter, and then claim your Nazi ideals are protected under free speech.

You do NOT get to teach your children ideals of hate and oppression, and then claim African Americans and Muslims are our biggest threat.

You do NOT get to kick the minorities of America while they’re down, and then be appalled and indignant when they finally fight back.

You do NOT get to say “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE!!!!” but then loop all blacks and Muslims into one category of “thug” or “terrorist.”

You do NOT get to call yourself an American if you don’t believe liberty and the pursuit of happiness apply to ALL citizens, not just those with blue eyes and white skin.

When I look around my country today, I see ignorant people, drowning in blind hate, pledging allegiance to hypocrisy. It’s pitiful to live in a country still so outraged by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 over 15 years ago, but still so blind to the fact that the real terrorists are them.

You will not create a better America by creating a civil war, and you cannot propagate eugenics by spewing hate. We are built on the back of diversity, immigration, and differences. And if you can’t handle that, maybe YOU should leave and go back to where YOU came from.

Though I hear Germany’s policy on racism is a bit stricter than ours.



4 thoughts on “The Ashamed American: An Open Letter to White Supremacists

  1. In my never to be humble opinion, this is what is going to happen if both sides don’t respect each other’s right to Free Speech. Remember our constitution? It’s not perfect, but it’s the best that Humans have come up with so far.

    You want to shut down the Neo-Nazi’s and I abhor what they stand for. Most Americans I think do. But on the other hand, we also abhor the lefts anarchist attitudes just as much.

    If both of your groups don’t let the other’s hold peaceful rallies, The enemy is from within and the silent majority will rise up and close both of you down – causing another civil war which will result in the death’s of many Americans..

    As a Special Forces Veteran, this scares the hell out of me. Most of you have not seen the horrible atrocities or war, and will regret very quickly what you start. You walk around with your face in your cell phone forgetting what this country really stands for. I beg you both, stop the violence before you ruin our country and way of life forever. Globalization sounds great, and I can appreciate all culture for their good and bad points, but I respect them no matter what. As a Christian married to a Muslim Woman, we have been able to make it work, and if we can, you should be able to do so too.

    Stop acting like spoiled children and grow the FUCK UP!

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  2. wow, u make me laugh…railing against this group of “White Supremacists” that exist mainly in your head!!! where are all these people? in my 50 + years in this country, i have never encountered a single person espousing white superiority. i have seen a few on t.v. and a few more on the internet, but they are far outnumbered by fascist anti-fascist hate groups.And of course, we have all encountered the occasional dispute in which one person uses a racial slur against the other. whether it was, nigger, cracker, gook, wetback etc. this is unfortunate but also rare, in my experience. I have also seen, for the first time EVER.(aside from S. Africa).The election of a Black man as President, in a white majority country. Please correct me if i am wrong. but i can think of no other country that has ever done this. which pretty much proves my point… America, with all its crybabies, demagogues and a few thousand WHITE SUPREMACIST NUTCASES. is THE LEAST RACIST and most TOLERANT COUNTRY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. (it is obvious you have not spent much time abroad, or you would know this to be true)….so shed your self hating, guilt ridden, view of yourself and your country and be PROUD to be an AMERICAN, u should be!!!! IF AMERICA was such horrible country full of evil white racists, why is the whole world clamoring to live next door to them. duh…When people of color start to LEAVE America in droves, to avoid victimization by evil white racists, THEN and only THEN, will people entertain your viewpoint as anything other then your own delusions. Please let me know when that happens,but untilthen ,SHUT THE FUCK UP U MORON!!!! YOUR nothing but a race baiting demagogue trying to divide the country into racial hate groups for your own amusment i guess.


  3. every time i glance at your little piece, i get more and more disgusted. YOU do not get to tell me, or anyone else what i get say or not say. think or not think. Who the hell elected you to be the arbiter of what is acceptable to think and say and what is not, NO ONE, that’s who!!! Freedom of Speech , ALL SPEECH, is the bedrock of any free society, without it u have no more democracy. what u have, is a totalitarian country. where only the official gov. approved opinions are legal. YOU are a fascist anti-free speech nutcase. FAR more of a threat to this country than NEO-NAZIS. U seem to like the idea of forcing YOUR idea of right and wrong done everyone else’s throat. Well, honey, not in America, we have laws against that. i think u would be more at home in Saudi Arabia or China or perhaps in the WORLD CAPITOL of Gov. approved speech, NORTH KOREA..


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