Chapter 5: Almost Speechless

Congratulations, America. You have started a war.

I sit almost speechless, and speechless I would be if it were not for the fact that I have gone completely and uncomfortably numb with rage and disappointed expectance at your incompetence. You have swiftly and proficiently killed what was left of the American Dream.

I will be the first to say I’ve never been proud to be an American. Since I was young and learned that this country was founded on rape and stolen land, I decided I wasn’t proud to be an American. And as I grew, I watch us ship people over seas rather than save our own country. I watched the people who were meant to protect and guide us slaughter and exploit us, and now I potentially lose the only thing I ever truly wanted: motherhood.

Because if this election is any indication of what the future of this country will hold, bringing a child into this world is nothing short of abuse.

You can sit there in denial and claim “nothing will happen” and “nothing’s happened yet.” But today I walked through the streets of Spain, and every Spaniard either marked me with completely disdain, or the look of pity you give someone after someone they love has died.

And I wish I could say we killed America today. I wish I could say that this was unexpected and I didn’t see it coming…but I did. In fact what has me so completely floored is that this is exactly what I expected from America given our history; I had just stupidly hoped we were better.

This is not a question of Trump versus Hilary. This is a statement of the horror that not only did we strand ourselves with these two candidates, but we now with our choice in this election have said that every atrocity of our nation is okay.

Sexual assault is okay. Racism is okay. Corruption and deceit and power to rich white men, it’s all okay.

And there will be war. Because now the country so barely holding itself together is openly and completely divided, and not between Hillary and Trump supporters, no. Because not everyone voted Trump because they hate minorities or women or progress. Some misguidedly voted for other reasons.

Whether or not Trump gets anything passed in office is irrelevant, because with his election we have now told those who supported him for all his horrific reasons that their behavior is okay, and we have given them the power to act on their hatred. The racism and sexism that used to sit quietly in the corners of our society has now been blown wide open, and I promise their actions will speak louder than their slanderous words ever did. We have added fire to an already boiling over pot, and there will be blood.

So this is a call to action. This is a call to war: those of us for the good of humanity and what’s left of our nation, and those who seek to make it unlivable. It is a war between love and hate, and to stand idly by and not fight for the crumbs of hope we have left is to stand on the other side.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Almost Speechless

  1. It’s people like you that apologize for being American that ultimately hurt this country. While no country is innocent in history, our country gave hope to so many. America voted to bring this back, taking away the influence of the elite lifetime politicians and giving it back to the American people. Yes, America is not without it’s faults but it is the best that humans have been able to achieve to this point. Idea’s are peaceful – History is not! Obviously you have not paid attention in your history class – if History is taught in school due to our governments intrusion into the states right to set standards for Teaching. Bottom line – if you don’t like this country, find another. I guarantee you will find no country without it’s own problems. I spent 16 years of my life living in other countries, and I make no apologies for being American. I am disappointed with the direction it was going because of people like you.


  2. Some people just don’t read or understand things they read or hear. Then without thought, they make you the idiot, but in doing so tell us why they are by backing what has happened.

    I am referring to Jeff, who thinks he knows what he is talking about, and yet mixing things up so he sounds intelligent.

    America voted to bring back hope? Obviously you are not talking about his election, as the writer of this article as so plainly explained that this vote is not a vote for hope, unless of course you are for sexism and racism.

    Read the article dude.

    yes, America has, as any other country, a questionable past, but one would think that we were past arrogance and selfishness. It amazes me that there are more of them than what we read or hear about, even though everyone forwards those hopeful memes on facebook and such.

    what a joke.

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    1. What is a Joke is people like you who expose the democratic lies about tolerance. As a Special Forces Veteran of 16 years and having lived in many other countries, I know this country voted for the values we were founded on. If you don’t like them, you are welcome to leave! They also voted not against women, blacks, or LG, they voted against corruption. Corruption leads to the death of our friends and allies.

      Read your history.


    2. You have also completely missed the mark. America did not “suddenly turn back to being racist on November 8th. Nor did it vote for racism and sexism. If you think people voted for Trump because they are racist/sexist/xenephobic/(insert liberal manufactured hate adjective of your choice here) or arrogant or selfish, then I will advise you that you are mistaken. If you want to meet a true sexist, the Clintons (yes, BOTH of them) would be a great place to start. or Anthony Weiner. Or half of the hip-hop artists. But hey, they are libs so they can do no wrong. I don’t see you calling them to account for this behavior but since Trump is not a liberal he gets singled out, and then YOU have the nerve to call Trump supporters bigots/racists and accuse ME of being selfish? Take a look at the person in the mirror.


  3. First, let me tell you I LOVED your piece on the whiny Millenials and I felt that you nailed it, spot-on. Then I read this, and must admit I am really disappointed. You were right on the money for the Millenials, but you have completely missed the mark on the election results. As Jeff mentioned, I too have spent the majority of my adult life abroad, serving in the military. I have traveled to over 20 countries on 4 continents, and have lived in Germany and Turkey as well as the US.

    Next, there is not going to be a war. That is typical alarmist liberal rhetoric and it is really getting old. The “war” ended on the 8yh when we voted against 4 more years of establishment politics and purported liberal “moral superiority” being shoved down our throats. Now it is time to balance liberal and conservative ideals and have everyone live in harmony. Yes, it is possible.

    “Sexual assault is okay. Racism is okay. Corruption and deceit and power to rich white men, it’s all okay.” So, Bill Clinton getting a BJ in the Oval Office, objectifying women who Hillary then destroyed when they spoke up (to protect her rich white husband) and amassing millions of dollars of wealth through their corrupted charity organization and getting $250K a pop to run off at the mouth for 90 minutes is ok because they are democrats? How come nobody EVER talks about that? The Clintons have so much dirty money in their charity but Trump gets demonized for his profits from his business dealings? Please, buy yourself a clue. If Hillary had won, nobody would be mentioning these things. Trump is no boy scout, and has said and done some reprehensible things, but he has built many businesses and provided jobs to tens of thousands of people which is more than I can say for Hillary. Her entire career has been one big scandal stretching all the way back to Bill’s days as governor of Arkansas and probably further. This is why she lost; America is tired of corrupt politicians. Was Trump the best “outsider” choice? No, but his campaign, while unorthodox was successful and resulted in arguably the largest election upset in US history, and the message sent with that result is profound. This should be a wake up call to establishment liberals, but alas, I am afraid that most absolutely do not see any view apart from their own. They can’t, because they have no coping skills. This is not to say that all liberal ideals are bad; they have resulted in some very significant changes for the better in our country, and I will cite the Civil Rights Act as an example. But there must be a balance.

    If you are not proud to be an American, that is your right. What you do NOT have a right to do is to act as an apologist for your fellow citizens, and this is an activity that many liberals engage in. I will choose for what and to whom I apologize, not you. That said, I do not agree with every policy decision our government has made over the years but I am not apologizing for being American any more than I would for being from any other country or being LGBT or physically disabled, or in any other way different from others. Would you ask a German to apologize for being German because his/her grandfather was a nazi? Would you ask a Turkish person to apologize for the mass deportations of Greek citizens from Smyrna in the 1920’s because they are Turkish? Of course not. So why in the hell should we apologize for being American? You also have another right: to leave. If you are so ashamed of your country, what the hell are you still doing here? Speak your opinions but if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Patriotism has become taboo, and I swear the next person who calls me a racist, xenophobe, homophobe or some other bullshit liberal hate title because I love my country, I am going to unceremoniously punch them in the face and then show them where the closest Canadian Consulate is so they may apply for a visa. Then I will send them to Tufts to play with play-doh since they have no coping skills. I am so sick of being told that my more conservative views do not matter by “tolerant” liberals who only tolerate views that are synonymous with their own. And that leads me to my next point: The election of Donald Trump.

    Trump’s election has validated nothing apart from the fact that America is sick and tired of MSM and liberal propaganda (yes, it IS propaganda) and values being shoved down their throats and then being called everything from racist to xenophobic when they disagree. Congratulations, you have just propagated HATE. That is the irony here; liberals have created the hate, and the hate is not against LGBT or blacks or Hispanics or any other group (I am not naive and I know that SOME people really have hate in their hearts but that is not due to which candidate they supported; rather, it is because of the values, or lack thereof, that they were raised with. America is remarkably UN-racist for a developed country. I suggest you spend some time abroad and you will have a very different perspective). The “hate” we are seeing is against liberal propaganda trying to force me and people like me to think, act, or talk a certain way under the veil of being morally or socially superior. Guess what? The American people have just raised the bullshit flag on this by electing Trump. The fact that so many people are upset and calling Trump supporters all these things simply solidifies my point. It also demonstrates that the liberals STILL. DON’T. GET. IT. Part of what makes our country greatis different views and ideologies (including social and liberal ones) being able to make compromises, and to put their fellow citizens above their political views. That has been fading fast over the last few decades and if the election results do not get this message across to the mainstream liberals, I am afraid nothing will and liberals will go the way of 8-tracks and the Whigs.


    1. Thank you from a Service member who has spent time in many countries also. I think all these people need to spend some time in other countries to appreciate when they really have in the US before the left wing agenda reduces us to a Third World Country.


      1. I hope it is not too late; Nikita Krushchev once said, “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.” Joe McCarthy was censured due to his communist witch-hunt but I think it is safe to say he was onto something big. Anyone who believes that this has not been slowly happening in America over the last several decades either live in a dream world or are simply ignorant (or just do not want to believe it) What is most significant is liberal agenda today is strikingly similar to what the soviet government under Lenin (the Russian revolution of 1917 was carried out by the LEFT, please do not forget that) strove for and succeeded. I am sure I do not need to remind you how that ended for them, and that they have still not recovered. We, The PEOPLE, elected Trump because we do not want a communist USA.


  4. And thank you for your service too! I agree, and to all these celebrities who said they would move to Canada if Trump won: WTF are you still doing here? Either stand up with your fellow citizens and give the president-elect a fair shake, and help ALL Americans unite, or get gone. I cannot stand insolent behavior. Oh they preach a good deal about unity and inclusion UNTIL they don’t get their way and all of a sudden everyone is full of hate and bigotry. Give me a break.


    1. I want to add that despite the fact I cannot stand the sight of Hillary Clinton, I would be giving her a fair shake had she been elected. You owe the same to Trump. If he fails, he will not get re-elected, just like Carter and Ford, to name a couple.


  5. Who is the whiny millennial now???? Get a grip. If you hate being an American, renounce your citizenship. Just leave. Forever. Maybe we can institute some vast transfer-of-citizenship movement; pretty sure quite a few non-Americans, quite desperate for your spot, respect America far more than you do and would jump at the chance. We’ll take them. You & all your cry-me-a-river Chicken Littles can EXIT immediately. Ask dear Daddy to settle you in Qatar, Nigeria, Iraq, Rwanda – those great bastions of tolerance and human rights. I’m sure your views and entitlements will be respected there… Haha. Your Mommy might cry, if she has any clue herself. But since you’re the product of their parenting, they apparently need a swift kick in the pants. Or at least an epiphany in which they realize they need to give you one. Your opinion of your opinion is ridiculously inflated & not rooted in real hard knocks. If anyone is misguided, snowflake, it’s you! Good riddance.


  6. out there these days they make me sick. Hopefully the world will feel that way too and we won’t end up with some disgusting WW3. A part of me is looking forward to the next crash so we can get on with getting over it and making sure this crap NEVER happens again. BWT: The “Leave A Co2emnt&#8m21; form is broken for me on a 1024*768 laptop. I can’t see the labels next to the top three fields.


  7. Ora, ora… as dilmetes (Lia e Sandra) estão por aqui, ainda! Quem sabe se cotvirnem…Maes simples é dizer o óbvio: O judiciário está aparelhado pelos petralhas, como todas as outras instituições do estado sequestrado! Quem viver verá!Em Jesus e Maria!


  8. que qui é isso Raondmuinhi, precisa abrir asportas de sua casa, pertubar a santa paz da sua família só ganhar votos,Sera que você vai abrir as partas depois, ganhando ou não?


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