It’s Okay To Be a Loser

I was the ugliest little fourth grader. A creepy one, too. I was awkwardly skinny and gangly, braces, unibrow, the whole deal. In fact, I was so awkward and weird, that I would sit and read books at recess because none of the other kids wanted to play with me. But this isn’t a sob story. I didn’t mind. I loved my books, the words, the character development. I was a  total dork, inside and out.


Somewhere around the beginning of fifth grade, one of the “popular” girls saw potential in my puberty, and took me into her posse. I grew out of my dorky stage physically (although my boobs never did, still waiting), and was an okay looking human being. I got along with a few of the girls, but when the ring leader left and went off to a different school, I was stuck.

Stuck with this group of people I looked like, but didn’t act like.

In high school, it was the same story. I attempted to be one of the popular kids, but I just never really fit. I was walking and talking like a swan, but I was still a duck or, rather, a dork.

But it had been instilled in my mind: girls who look a certain way are supposed to act a certain way. If you fit society’s perception of “attractive,” then there is an accompanying personality type that goes with it. And I cannot speak on the societal pressures of boys, but I’m sure it might be similar.

It continued into high school, and I tried it. I tried to be cool again. I rushed sororities my first quarter as a freshman and dropped out because it was evident once again, it just wasn’t for me. I just wasn’t a cool kid.

It’s taken me this long to realize that it’s alright. Those genetically and confidently blessed will always be the cool kids, but the world needs dorks, too. The world needs cheerleaders, but it also needs geeks. It needs bombshell blondes, but it also needs nerds hiding behind their glasses spewing out random facts.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, looks don’t matter. You are who you are. You can look like Barbie and be a total bitch, or you can look like Chewbacca and be the coolest kid on the block. Your future spouse, kids, boss, etc. aren’t going to care if you were a big deal in high school or college. In fact, most people worth having in your life won’t. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Don’t be afraid to be a dork.

After all, they write more books and make more movies about kids like us, anyways.

DISCLAIMER: This post does not attack the cool kids, it gives an ego boost for us losers. Chill,fam.


2 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Be a Loser

  1. Unfortunately it’s not always something you realise as a kid. Schools encourage you to ‘fit in’, even if that means going against how you really feel and what you enjoy doing. But the most valuable day is the one when we learn that it’s ok to be ourselves, and to not fear the judgement of others. Thanks for a great post!

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