Check Your Privilege: The 3 Kinds of People Who Are Ruining Your Hard Work Towards a Better World

Dear Social Justice Warriors,

This one is for you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Similar to generations before us, we want to create a better world. In this generation, there is more acceptance of various types than ever before. The trans-rights movement is kicking off, people are starting to realize that racism is still a huge thing, and homosexuals can get married.

We’ve accomplished some cool shit.

So why, oh why, is there still so much ignorance and hatred?

Because despite the  fact that some of you are genuinely out to do good and make changes, a large group of you are going about it horrendously wrong.

I present to you the three types of SJW’s royally messing it up for everyone else, including some real life examples I have read.

1. The Social Media Screamer: this is the one who cannot for the life of them have a conversation. Where an apt SJW would take a hint of ignorance or a potentially offensive comment as a learning opportunity, the SMS will cuss you out. Instantly. In some long-winded speech, they simultaneously curse you, your dog, and blame you for some slavery or inequality moment in history you weren’t even alive for.


Ps, “pussy” comes from the word pusillanimous meaning showing lack of courage or determination, and actually doesn’t come from the slang term for vagina, because if you own a vagina, you know they’re some serious pieces of machinery, so let’s just stop pretending this is an argument, okay?

2. The Band-Wagon Bitcher: This person just wants to feel special. They don’t actually know what they’re talking about. They don’t read on or research their “cause,” they just see everyone else doing it and want to join in and look like they’re helping. They belittle those actually doing hard work in the movement because they spread false information and facts, and make the overall message seem to lack backing.

Example: Yea, feminists actually find blowjobs offensive because women have to be on their knees in front of men, and this perpetuates the patriarchy of women being inferior and basically praying to men.

I’m sorry, what?

3. The Other Side Extremists: these are the minorities who call out ALL white people. The “feminists” who call out ALL men. The LGBTQ who call out ALL straight people. Yes, some white people suck. Yes, some straight people just don’t get it. Yes, some men really ARE pigs. But that’s not all of us. Sometimes when we say something offensive, it’s genuinely because we are uneducated. These movements and their vocabulary are progressing so rapidly, and that’s great. But because of this ongoing change, those of us not in the heart of it genuinely sometimes just don’t know. 

We’re making progress, and that’s great. But it’s been slow progress because everyone’s so busy yelling at each other and having pissing contests over “who’s been through more shit” that the end-game has been lost.

So to those of you who fit the three above categories, chill. Breathe. Take a second to distinguish between someone who needs to learn, and someone who is genuinely trying to hurt you.

And for you SJWs putting in the work, research, and patience to educate and talk to those of us who maybe don’t know as much as we think we do, Thank You. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Check Your Privilege: The 3 Kinds of People Who Are Ruining Your Hard Work Towards a Better World

  1. Love the article, but you might also want to add a 4th group:
    – Those that are easily offended of everything for no reason and let everyone know about it.

    Always say, if you don’t like what is on tv, turn the channel or turn it off.
    Don’t like a conversation, walk away.
    Don’t like a place of business, don’t go.

    If it is a serious offense, like they are serving child porn at the theater, then yeah, say something.

    But if you are offended because they don’t serve meat at this restaurant, go some where else.


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