Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

We’re raising a generation of pussies. There. I said it.



When I was a junior in high school, I had the most amazing AP English teacher. Her name was Ms. Wei. She prefaced the class by saying that she would grade us fairly, and that these grades would not always be A’s.

“I get that you and your parents all think you all are ‘special snowflakes,’ but I will grade you based on your writing, and if your parents email me complaining about these grades, I will ignore them.”

Now Ms. Wei was a little blunt for some (I freaking adored that woman, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t), but she brought up a good point.

Millennials: your parents won’t say it, and your peers won’t say it because it seems every little thing is sending you all to a therapist because you’re just sooooooo victimized, but

Get. The. FUCK. Over. Yourself. 



I won’t even say pardon my French, because you know what? Don’t pardon it. I hope it offends you. Although honestly, I could say just about anything and it would offend you. Because that’s just how our generation is.

And this isn’t just some backless rant. Oh no, it’s backed by psychology and science. PsychologyToday has gathered information from colleges saying that teachers are essentially giving up and grading easier because they are AFRAID OF STUDENTS’ EMOTIONAL REACTIONS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!


I was a camp counselor this summer, and the next generation is worse than ours. These kids are being raised on so much organic, special snowflake bullshit that they’ll probably have a psychological breakdown the second someone tells them they’re not as perfect as they think they are. And it’s nauseating.

Newsflash: Not every single criticism is an attack on your character. Sometimes, you just suck. And people tell you SO THAT YOU CAN IMPROVE. NOT SO YOU CAN GO HOME SOBBING ABOUT HOW THE WORLD IS UNFAIR AND YOU’RE SUCH A VICTIM AND YOU’RE SO DEPRESSED NOW.

Now, I get college is stressful. I get life is stressful. And yes, words can hurt. But we have gotten to a point as a generation where people can’t even make a joke without someone going all #ThisIsACauseNow.

Please, shut up. 

Most likely, you are not a victim. Everyone’s been bullied at some point. Everyone’s gotten a bad grade at some point. Everyone’s been sh*t on and hurt and imperfect AT SOME POINT.

But Rachel, everyone reacts and feels things differently.

No, no, no. Shut up. Listen. Because if you’re pissed off at this point in the article, you are EXACTLY who I am talking about.


We are living in a generation of internet wars, over-used counseling centers, and hand-holding-coddling-BS.

There used to be a time where two people could have different opinions and have an intelligent, educational conversation about it. Nowadays, two people have different opinions and all of a sudden it’s World War freaking 3. People used to be able to tell a joke without 4327852795 activist groups breathing down their throat. People used to be able to exist without offending someone.

So, here’s a lollipop of opinion: 99% of the time, people are just talking and are NOT going out of their way to offend you. People will make jokes. People will have different opinions from you. People will think how they think, and be how they’ll be, and most likely, it has nothing to freaking do with you.

Example: I’m going to post this article, and some of you will disagree with it. Some of you may even voice your opinions about how heartless and batshit I am. Some of you will somehow twist this into a race or gender or whatever thing. Some of you may even comment or tell me these opinions. And I won’t be offended. Because that is your right, just like it is my right to say that I will not give a single f**k.

There’s your lollipop, so pucker up like the baby you are, and suck on that.

SIDE NOTE: Addressing some things that keep coming up in the comments. I do note that my “complaining about complainers” errs way more than a little on the side of hypocrisy. However, the lack of sourcing and vulgarity are due to the fact that I wrote this out of boredom and frustration in my philosophy class after witnessing some “special snowflake” entitlement. Had I perceived it to gain the popularity and feedback that is has, the language, sources, and credibility would’ve been upped. I honestly did not expect my idle rantings to gain so much discussion. But hey, Internet. Yes, I am a millennial. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I attend college. Proceed.

SIDE NOTE PART 2: Alright, I will take this time to clarify the counseling statement. Nowhere did I state I am against mental illness, though that’s how many are perceiving it. My issue lies in people either a) abusing resources made available to people who struggle with mental illness because they’re overly sensitive and b) people with mental illness using their illness as a shield and justification for actions. I do not attack those who do their best to cope with mental illness on a day to day basis. Rather, those who fall back on mental illness or emotional turmoil as an excuse and crutch, or a bargain for special treatment.

Also, FYI, “pussy” comes from the word pusillanimous, which means lacking courage or timid. So, can you keep your “Omg how sexist and misogynistic” or “pussy takes a beating so thx ;)” comments to yourself because I am so beyond bored of your ignorance clogging up my comments. Thanks ❤


6,676 thoughts on “Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

  1. No one will read this…… but we are all human, love one another. Treat others how you would want to be treated and I am sure violence would be non existent. Love you all, far and near… rich or poor, purple or green. Merry Christmas happy holidays 2016


    1. Sounds like you’re the parent of a bunch of snowflakes. We may all be human, but we’re not required, nor should we love one another, and it sounds like you spent too much time smoking something at Woodstock rather than accepting your reality. You can attempt to create a passive society, but the reality is, we have people who are psychopath and sociopaths that would have no problem preying on you and your snowflake children. There are deviants of all kinds, war mongers, and those who are greedy and selfish, and no amount of love can fill the void in them, but sure, teach your snowflakes to love them and see what happens.

      Better you accept the world and reality, teach children to think, to be prepared, to judge others, be tough when necessary, basically, prepared for the real world, because in life, there are no “safe places”, no group “cry sessions”, and the sooner they adapt to their reality the better, otherwise, they’ll be gone, simply based on natural selection. You may wish to read this,


    2. Word up. Self righteous millennials are quite annoying. Just remember there is still logic, reason, hard work, and people with balls who are gen x that will continue to employ (like I do) and support the special snowflakes


  2. A fucking men! I totally agree with You. This is a generation of pussies, and education is going down the drain! I can’t stand it when the teachers themselves can’t speak properly, because they don’t have the proper education. The English language is being degraded, and people conjugate words as if they are retarded. Snack happy for example. Did they live happy ever after?… I saw an add for some sport drink. They athlete hosting the commercial said ( drink amazing), not drink amazingLY! Again I blame the previous generation, because people learn to speak and imitate what is in their environment. The other one that really gets me is the use of (there’s) in reference to plural subjects, instead of (there are). There’s is a conjunction of there is, (Singular). So if anybody does not like what I have to say, or I defended You, then fucking good, because You know that I am correct.

    And why do people have their children in pull-ups at the age of 5, if at all? And I hate those God dam pacifiers. when the kids are beyond age 2. They don’t need to nurse any more. So break them of that habit! Also pacifiers van mess up the way their teeth come in.

    By the way for any of You out there, II graduated FROM High School, not I graduated High School.
    College, Ect…..

    So if You are offended, have a good day, and go get fucking educated.


      1. does your pussy hurt ?
        need some play dough a coloring book and a safe space?

        Need T.V to tell you how you should dress how to act and what to think ?


  3. Wow!! This has got to be best thing I’ve read in a while. So spot on and true. I came from a generation of actions not words and in my work I have to hire lots of young people wanting to get into the trades. I’ve had guy quit because it felt like he had a lump in his rubber boot. Or never on time can’t stay late. Pussys is the perfect word to describe lol


  4. We don’t need to worry about these sorry, pathetic, whiny, snowflakes, because nature will do it for us through natural selection.

    Until then, we just need to go about our lives, saying what we will, knowing it’s protected by our Constitution, and then watch them after they graduate, fumbling through life, trying to pull this crap with employers, only to find their are no “safe spaces” in their workplaces, nor are their employee “cry sessions”. Just thinking about this makes me laugh.


      1. Can you imagine the crying that would go on during Boot Camp, those drill Sergeants would have a field day, that is, until the parents heard from their precious little snowflakes, and started filing human rights violations, boo hoo. It would still be worth videoing though. I’ll get the chips, you get the dip.


    1. Yes I am talking to you kbekei. Since you are so tough and “survival of the fittest,” what spectacular achievement have you accomplished in the world? Do you really think your precious Constitution is protecting your speech? Try hitching a ride to DAPL, Detroit, or Flint, Michigan and see how protected you are from the billionaires who own you and this planet. If you were so fucking tough you would rise up with the rest of the people with real guts and revolt against the welfare-backed fake “Capitalist” billionaires who own your shit-talking mouth and ass. The same billionaires who are fucking your daughters and sisters in the mouth in every big city all over the world.


  5. I am so happy to see this. I hate cry babies. Life is rough and anyone who thinks it should be fair should be upset with their parents for raising them to be weak. Do you think the poor coal miner’s son is worried about what’s fair? He’ll just whip your weak ass and go about struggling to survive. It is Survival of the fittest in this world you targets! Go die maggots.


    1. You’re a such a fuckin’ liar, you social Darwinist of a cunt! What do you think that this, the Viking Age?

      It’s ironic that you called millennials crybabies when you’re a crybaby yourself. Hell, you’re not God.

      If you ask , survival of the fittest is bullshit because it’s a delusion that all weak people should suck the cocks of bullies. Well, that’s not how life works, asshole!

      It’s true that life isn’t always fair. But if you go around and impose that stupid idea of yours on everyone, they’ll turn against you and make you eat shit like the friggin’ bully you are.

      It’s just sad that you’re still stuck in that way of thinking when you’re in a new era. I mean, how would you like if other people give you crap for being weak? Like my dad once told me when I was in eighth grade, all people have to accept their weaknesses. And he’s right.

      There will always be weak people in the world whether you like it or not. If you can’t accept that at all, you don’t deserve to live.

      As my former teacher form college told me, there’s room for all folks in the world and that rainbows don’t just have one color. And he’s also correct.

      So you better get your head of your ass if you think that everybody should think like you.


      1. You just proved what a total whiny, sulking little snowflake you are by pitching these hissy fits and name calling. What, mommy didn’t teach you how to have a grown up conversation, or express your opinion without resorting to obscenities? Crawl back in her womb, and when you’re finally grown up, you can come out.

        Going anonymous to post your drivel also proves you’re a coward, now go get your pacifier and blanky and leave the grown ups to talk.

        BTW, this discussion has nothing to do with those individuals who are physically and/or mentally disabled, or our seniors and anyone else who is unable to care for themselves. If you can’t tell the difference, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.


      2. Why do you supposed tolerant snowflakes think you can hypocritically speak so insensitively towards anyone Who thinks different than you I think it’s hilarious that’s the only time you snowflakes try to act tough your generation predecessor (gen x) lives toughness. Stop trying to make everyone think like u. I thought ur kind supports diversity Stupid liberals


  6. As a person who is on the very fringe of what could be considered a millennial, in my 30s, I can agree with all what you listed above.

    I’m not sure what changed but, I’m guessing part of it had something to do with the Internet and smart phones. The rise of social media. All this crap on Facebook that give kids the impression that life should be a certain way, but it’s not reality. You only see what people want you to see online. You don’t see all the crap, the pain, depression; none of it.

    There’s no closing Pandora’s box. Im just glad I got to live a little when the Internet and computers weren’t around.

    If you really want to be happy. Don’t do social media. You don’t need to compare your life to another’s. And most importantly… quit being little bitches.


    1. Vic, this has nothing to do with social media, this is all about parenting. At one time (during the summer for instance), kids would get up, go out to play, hang out, play sports, whatever they wanted to do, and didn’t come home till lunch, then head out again till dinner, and back out till the lights came on or 8-9pm. Basically, they were never home, and actually had lives with their friends doing things, real things. Then sometime in the 80’s, the whole stranger danger thing started, missing kids pictures were put on milk cartons, so mothers decided it was safer to have their kids where they could an eye on them, 24/7. Even after it was found that strangers were only a danger in 5% of cases, and that parents inadvertently bringing their kids to the 95% danger, family and friends, nothing changed. This is where helicopter parenting started, and I think it became this neurotic obsession of mothers to manage every moment of their kids lives, what they played, when they played, and so on, but then it got twisted in their, when these mothers decided they wanted to be their children’s best friend. This is where children started getting asked, what do you want to do, to eat, to watch, all hoping that their kids would love them more, never realizing that children needed parents, guidance, discipline, and free time away from parents. Decades of this, coupled with the fact that children were raised to believe they were perfect, should have whatever they desired, they were never responsible for their actions, they were sheltered from every hurt, slight or injury, you get what we have today, neurotic, self absorbed, easily offended, unprepared and unimaginative young adults, who need mommy to register them at university, hand hold them through interviews, basically, every aspect of their lives.

      Now I grew up in the days of spankings, or the occasional beating, but I’d take that hands down along with all my freedoms, street smarts and everything else, over being this pampered, neurotic millennial snowflakes, with no sense of self, or reality.

      Now, I’m sure social media feeds into this, but I only think this is because it’s people who are safe, being that they’re a click away, and not face to face. Most of the teens and young adults wouldn’t have the balls to say half the shit they do on Facebook, twitter or elsewhere to someone’s face, and if somebody did it, especially to them, they’d flip out, run to their safe places or to their mommy s.

      There are normal well adjusted millenials out there, but I feel sorry for any of them when it comes to finding friends, dating, or having serious open dialogue about the realities of life, or history, politics, religion, education, or anything else, least of all about accountability, self reliance or independence. Even in dating, they can’t handle a rejection, even after only one date. Shame on these parents. Good luck to you.


  7. Holy Shit, no violence? That is an impossibility. There has always been violence in the world and it will never end. That is being a realist not living in a perfect, eating granola, driving hybrids and sniffing your own farts, utopia. Being a soldier, I can honestly say violence solves problems. Especially the problem of people killing others indiscriminately (men, women and children). The little fragile people has failed to face hardship and ass kickings. They have no resilience, no pride, no honor, no sacrifice, no real values like the hardened men during the great depression and WW2. They feed into their libtard news media and think they are badasses because they play video game and protest because they don’t get their way. Do something more productive, like getting a job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even though I support violence in certain situations, I don’t your hypocritical and Darwinist bullcrap. If you can’t handle weak people in the world, just leave them alone.

      Honestly, you think that being a total badass is what makes the world go around? If you do, you must have shit for brains.


  8. I totally agree with this posting and God bless you for writing this. FINALLY someone came out to put all these little faggots in their little places.


  9. Instead of feeling the need to explain yourself, I would have respected your opinion if you’d have stood your ground… “I will not give a single f**k.”… Your “Millennial” is showing.


  10. The post was to the point. The photo (first one) was on point.
    Some of these girls must look just like that.
    The real problem with complainers is how they effect our lives negatively.


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