Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

We’re raising a generation of pussies. There. I said it.



When I was a junior in high school, I had the most amazing AP English teacher. Her name was Ms. Wei. She prefaced the class by saying that she would grade us fairly, and that these grades would not always be A’s.

“I get that you and your parents all think you all are ‘special snowflakes,’ but I will grade you based on your writing, and if your parents email me complaining about these grades, I will ignore them.”

Now Ms. Wei was a little blunt for some (I freaking adored that woman, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t), but she brought up a good point.

Millennials: your parents won’t say it, and your peers won’t say it because it seems every little thing is sending you all to a therapist because you’re just sooooooo victimized, but

Get. The. FUCK. Over. Yourself. 



I won’t even say pardon my French, because you know what? Don’t pardon it. I hope it offends you. Although honestly, I could say just about anything and it would offend you. Because that’s just how our generation is.

And this isn’t just some backless rant. Oh no, it’s backed by psychology and science. PsychologyToday has gathered information from colleges saying that teachers are essentially giving up and grading easier because they are AFRAID OF STUDENTS’ EMOTIONAL REACTIONS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!


I was a camp counselor this summer, and the next generation is worse than ours. These kids are being raised on so much organic, special snowflake bullshit that they’ll probably have a psychological breakdown the second someone tells them they’re not as perfect as they think they are. And it’s nauseating.

Newsflash: Not every single criticism is an attack on your character. Sometimes, you just suck. And people tell you SO THAT YOU CAN IMPROVE. NOT SO YOU CAN GO HOME SOBBING ABOUT HOW THE WORLD IS UNFAIR AND YOU’RE SUCH A VICTIM AND YOU’RE SO DEPRESSED NOW.

Now, I get college is stressful. I get life is stressful. And yes, words can hurt. But we have gotten to a point as a generation where people can’t even make a joke without someone going all #ThisIsACauseNow.

Please, shut up. 

Most likely, you are not a victim. Everyone’s been bullied at some point. Everyone’s gotten a bad grade at some point. Everyone’s been sh*t on and hurt and imperfect AT SOME POINT.

But Rachel, everyone reacts and feels things differently.

No, no, no. Shut up. Listen. Because if you’re pissed off at this point in the article, you are EXACTLY who I am talking about.


We are living in a generation of internet wars, over-used counseling centers, and hand-holding-coddling-BS.

There used to be a time where two people could have different opinions and have an intelligent, educational conversation about it. Nowadays, two people have different opinions and all of a sudden it’s World War freaking 3. People used to be able to tell a joke without 4327852795 activist groups breathing down their throat. People used to be able to exist without offending someone.

So, here’s a lollipop of opinion: 99% of the time, people are just talking and are NOT going out of their way to offend you. People will make jokes. People will have different opinions from you. People will think how they think, and be how they’ll be, and most likely, it has nothing to freaking do with you.

Example: I’m going to post this article, and some of you will disagree with it. Some of you may even voice your opinions about how heartless and batshit I am. Some of you will somehow twist this into a race or gender or whatever thing. Some of you may even comment or tell me these opinions. And I won’t be offended. Because that is your right, just like it is my right to say that I will not give a single f**k.

There’s your lollipop, so pucker up like the baby you are, and suck on that.

SIDE NOTE: Addressing some things that keep coming up in the comments. I do note that my “complaining about complainers” errs way more than a little on the side of hypocrisy. However, the lack of sourcing and vulgarity are due to the fact that I wrote this out of boredom and frustration in my philosophy class after witnessing some “special snowflake” entitlement. Had I perceived it to gain the popularity and feedback that is has, the language, sources, and credibility would’ve been upped. I honestly did not expect my idle rantings to gain so much discussion. But hey, Internet. Yes, I am a millennial. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I attend college. Proceed.

SIDE NOTE PART 2: Alright, I will take this time to clarify the counseling statement. Nowhere did I state I am against mental illness, though that’s how many are perceiving it. My issue lies in people either a) abusing resources made available to people who struggle with mental illness because they’re overly sensitive and b) people with mental illness using their illness as a shield and justification for actions. I do not attack those who do their best to cope with mental illness on a day to day basis. Rather, those who fall back on mental illness or emotional turmoil as an excuse and crutch, or a bargain for special treatment.

Also, FYI, “pussy” comes from the word pusillanimous, which means lacking courage or timid. So, can you keep your “Omg how sexist and misogynistic” or “pussy takes a beating so thx ;)” comments to yourself because I am so beyond bored of your ignorance clogging up my comments. Thanks ❤


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  1. I don’t disagree with everything you’re saying, but it’s hard to take someone seriously who writes in all capital letters. I hope Ms. Wei encouraged you to be a ditch digger or something, because I have to believe she fairly did not give you an A in creative writing or sentence structure. Another joke: if you have an editor on payroll that let this go to print in this shape.


    1. Dear Steve: I suspect you didn’t pass any writing classes either. Her points are well-taken. As much of the world is breeding people who want to kill others for not believing in their imaginary friend, we are breeding simpering, whimpering babies.

      Dear Parents; Your job is not to protect your children from every danger in the world. Your job is to teach them to deal with them and survive.

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      1. Our children today are being brought up as pansies. Yes I said it PANSIES. Kids don’t know how to do a god damn thing on their own. The get called a name Lets go find mom and tell her. Mom starts a war with another mom and their child. Get over it. This is what makes your child grow up into someone strong. So they can go out in the world when in time and handle all situations life throws at them. When they are older and go out into the work field what happens when A boss or employee hurts their feelings Who the hell is rescuing them now. Your children will never survive on their own. It will be no ones fault but the parents who raised their kids as pansies. Make them clean up, Teach them how to receive constructive criticism.Teach them how shrug off a name someone called them and turn it into something positive. Let me clarify….I don’t believe in Bully whatsoever but the word BULLYING is way different today then it was when I was growing up. Not every incident is bullying today. Johnny called me fat……Parents response today This johnny is bullying my child. Even when you know your child is far from fat. Kids will be mean. That is just how it goes. Name calling and teasing will happen. We all dealt with it.


  2. So you make a comment about therapy and people interpret it as an attack against those with mental illness? Bull. That’s more of that special snowflake crap. Do your thing, girl.

    I teach adult education classes and I’m in school to become a professor. I have a baby girl and two stepdaughters. My husband and I are very careful how we talk to them because we want to raise confident young women, so we never referred to our children as our little monsters or little demons. We listen to them and try to help them feel respected. However, we don’t tolerate whining, bitching or complaining. We don’t tolerate giving up, blame shifting, or throwing each other under the bus. I have no interest in raising little monsters, but I have no interest in raising little princesses either. Sometimes you suck and you need to know it. If people don’t provide you with the opportunity to improve it means they don’t think you’re capable of anything better than what you’re doing right now.

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    1. You are amazing! I believe exactly like this. I tell my kids that they are amazing, precious, and my gift all the time. However, if they suck at something, or if they need to improve or grow in an area of their lives, I tell them that too. I have the advantage of wisdom, and I totally use it to help them become better players, better performers, and better people.

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      1. That’s our responsibility as parents — to provide them with a secure home base and a strong sense of self so that they can function without constant coddling. Your children will appreciate you for your “toughness” and for caring enough to correct them. It takes more effort to coach someone than it does to allow them to do whatever they want.


  3. Lol sick agism, bro. This is basically like saying “Here’s what’s wrong with black people!” Way to inductively stereotype, you fucking joke.


    1. In no way shape or form are those two the same. The millennial generation (not everyone, but a good percentage) take critism like its an attack on their character and stress like its the end of the world. My HS lacrosse coach got fired recently cause he called one kid a pussy. The kid told the administration that he was abusive and that he would work them to hard in practice..are you serious! When I was on the team the verbal abuse was ten times worse and no one gave a shit it just made us work harder and our team won states the one year. One kid in my class recently got a B+ on his exam and he usually get As and this kid complained to the administration that it was an unfair test…I wish I could complain to get my way, but that’s not how I was raised.

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    2. I hope you are being sarcastic, otherwise, thank you for giving us an exact demonstration of what this author is describing. Ageism refers to discrimination against senior citizens. You can make statements about a particular group, known as generalizations, if backed by evidence in addition to anectotes. There is evidence, it was cited.

      I do think it’s wrong to call millennials pussies because it’s unfair to cats and vaginas.


    3. No. This generation sucks. I’m a gen x kid and I hate hiring these people. They all have some special requirements and whinny bs. I believe that teachers are freaking out when it comes to grading because I see that crap everyday at work. Being the boss of these children sucks! If you do punish them they melt down. One of my coworkers gets away with murder because he’s such a brat, that upper management doesn’t want to yell at him because he’ll shut down for a week!

      Not everyone gets a ribbon. Not everyone deserves a certain job or position in life. You earn it. And even sometimes when you earn it, there’s still someone better for the job. Get over yourself is right.


    4. Yeah, no, its not just like stereotyping. It’s an irreverent, philosophical interpretation of the ridiculous intolerance of individual thinking and rush to judgement that is, at this point, permeating society. It feels connected to all the heinous reactionary violence that continues to be unleashed by maladapted individuals who have decided that if they have to suffer, everyone has to suffer. In that mix, of everyone, along with assholes who are not getting individualized attention for their truly offensive behavior, are innocent people who are just going about their own lives and are not responsible for the perceived intolerable injustices that cause misanthropes to injure and kill numerous people in a cowardly societal suckerpunch of violence. Grow up, toughen up, and deal with your issues directly. Make an effort to change what, in your opinion, is wrong. Use rational, informed dialogue instead of casting aspersions, character labeling, and unleashing misdirected violence onto people in general.


  4. The same ppl I’ve seen sharing this on fb are the same ppl who post pics of how obsessed they are with their kids every move. So stop bc u praise ur children for breathing and I know for fact that u are the ones calling ur children’s parents if they get a bad grade. This is such crap. And ya for sure a millennial wrote this bc its the generation detached and devoid of feelings pretending to be hard asses w no sympathy or care abt anyone else or their problems. Anyone who has ever experienced the hard stuff wd never say such things to anyone. Period.

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    1. Ok so lol this was written BY a millenial who witnessed a “snowflake scene” and instead of ACTUALLY not giving (what did the so over it above it all human say?, i think it was “a single fk”) was just ‘like omg’ soo annoyed AND offended by it (instead of prly minding her own business) she had to bitch about it IN A BLOG because she was BORED in her high priced college class (probably funded by her parents bc let’s face it millenials aren’t getting paid d**k before getting a degree). ?! Is that right. Cool.

      Side note: psychology. Can I get a huge get over ur fkn self please?!

      Next side note. I personally do not know one single person who suffers from sadness or mental illness who ever uses it as a crutch, in fact its the feeling that such thoughts are totally unacceptable and they feel guilty about that cause them to prolong getting the help they need until its gone far.

      No offence tho.


      1. Wow, so many ppl are on meds today claiming mental issues when the med are only stunting their ability to deal. I see ppl using this as a crutch everyday; god forbid you have to actually deal with sadness or with kids having extra energy or with dissapointment. We have to make ppl realise that some emotions mean you have to work through and you will become more resilient and a stronger individual for it. I am proud to say that I let my kids cry and instead of making excuses and blaming someone else, I try and help them figure out how they were responsible for whatever they are crying about and how to work on themselves to be better ppl. Trying to hide your own shame or disappointment with blame or meds is stunting developent and creating week individuals who are highly influenced by people who placate their self doubt. As a perent you need to say to yourself, I am not raising children, I am raising adults and not followers but leaders.

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      2. You’re an idiot. After working in corrections for 18 years, i can tell you that there are a whole lot of people out there who use their mental illness as an excuse for a whole lot of things.

        Them, there are people who do abuse the counseling services available because every little thing (such as this blog, in your case) gives them a case of butthurt because they’re too stinking fragile to just shrug it off. My humble opinion? If the content of this blog offends you, them you’re probably exactly who she was talking about.


  5. And of course someone got butthurt and tried to use turn this into a racial thing go back to school you ignorant fuck and let people have their opinions instead of always making it about Black people we have better things to do in our lives then focus on black people give your self righteousness a break


  6. The best (I mean worst) part of this rant disguised as an intelligent critique on a supposed “pussy” generation is the author perfectly illustrates what she feels is wrong with her contemporaries, only she comes from a different mindset. You’re no different you hilarious person, except that instead of confronting another opinion you’d just let its supposed negativity feed your ego under the disguise of indifference. Well, at least you found thousands of like-minded fools. Go forth and don’t multiply. And thanks for the laugh!


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  8. I’m going to grade harder on my students now. If they want to get a good grade they need to earn it dammit! You are right, it is time to step it up a notch. I’ve had so many students come back from college and say we need to challenge them more in HS. Old school mentality needs to come back. Good blog, bravo!


  9. I get the sense this was typed with a lot of emotion behind it…it is good to vent. I think you are on target with a lot of what you said…just my opinion. My Mom was a teacher for 20+ years in a small town in NJ. I work in that same town as a landscaper so I get to meet and talk to a ton of people. A lot of my customers I will admit signed on when they found out I was Angie’s son. My Mom was a Mrs. Wei she demanded the best of her students and by the end of the school year most of them understood that she cared and she instilled in them the need to work hard and be the best that they could be. Every person whether student or parent said “Your mother was a hard-nose teacher but I loved her and she impacted my life by making me responsible to myself”. She had parents who told her she was too hard but she didn’t change for them and the kids were a testament to her persistence. She’s been retired for quite sometime but I still learn from her mostly character values now which is the underlying lesson her students learned. Work hard and don’t give up and believe in the potential of all human life…thanks Mom.


  10. I am afraid your use of profanity diminishes your arguments. Whilst in general agreement with you, I find it sad that you find it necessary to use gutter language to make an impact. I am not offend at all, just disappointed your upbringing and education did not teach you how to communicate in a more acceptable way. If an argument is good enough, bad language is not needed.


    1. Words are just words. No word is ‘bad’. Profanity for emphasis, impact or style is an acceptable writing tool and the use of has nothing to do with education. It is true, however, an imperious upbringing may result in some supercilious tight ass feeling the need to shake a finger in attempts to convey a self-indulgent, arrogant sense of superiority.
      Fuck ’em.


  11. One phrase I have used to some effect in helping my children and my clients see the error of their thinking is strategic use of the question, “Oh, so you think YOU’RE the victim?”


  12. I was born in the 70’s, with that being said, I know what this young lady is talking about. If you get your little feelings hurt by the truth, go back and suck on mom’s tit…..and stay there because that’s the only place you won’t get your little feelings hurt. I will rename this generation to the ” I want ” generation. I believe that the problem this generation has is, for example, you go to the store to buy your child a backpack for school, you see a backpack that is water resistant and it has padded straps; your kid wants a bag that is a piece of garbage, very thin with strings for straps and not waterproof. You know that this bag in the long run is going to hurt your child’s shoulders, but he wants it so bad that your kid throws a fit, crying and screaming bloody murder and what do you do? You buy the shitty bag so he will stop crying, and in a couple of months you have to go and buy another one because the first one fucked up your kid’s shoulders (the I want factor). In my house, there was a quick solution to an issue like this……….. IT WAS A SPANKING! Problem solved. And don’t come to me with that bullshit of child abuse. I am glad that my parents raised me not to be a pussy and to differentiate between what I need, and what I want. I am glad that I will not be alive to see the fucked up future that these millennials will have. You go girl! Speak the truth and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. We need more people like you in this world.


    1. If you notice many of the people who are complaining about the milenials are their parents (or that generation at least). Milenials are horrible trust me I am one and I can’t stand people my age. But let’s remember who raised us to be the way we are. Sorry parent generation apparently you suck at raising children properly ( hope you don’t get offended).


  13. Well, this is definitely written by a millennial. Your use of profanity, capitalized sentences, and meaningless ranting just shows that you are exactly the same as those you’re complaining about. Entitlement complex.

    Did you (or any of your supporters) ever stop to think that these “cry babies” will grow up to be emotionally confident, secure, and competent adults because they were taught how to regulate their emotions open and freely?
    They were taught emotions ARE ok, that you don’t have to suppress them, and thus you can learn to control them. Kids now are able to speak up for themselves and others around them.

    yes some parents take it too far and coddle rather than give them tools to handle life, yes some kids take it too far because they don’t have the discipline (guidance), but that has always been the case throughout history.
    Some parents just suck. That will never change. No matter how much you bitch and moan about it.

    Now, if you want to talk about a child psychology perspective? You’re supposed to allow your children to feel emotions and give tools to regulate those emotions.
    “I know this upsets you” (validate feelings)
    “but this is not appropriate behavior” (BEHAVIOR is wrong, not feelings)
    “What else do you think you can do” (giving THEM the power to regulate their own emotions and behavior!!! This is key)
    Then you can help them brainstorm ideas and options that they can do instead of the negative behavior — Such as go to their room to calm down, talk about their feelings, use nice words, etc.

    I hope some people see this comment. Raising emotionally competent adults is crutial.


    1. Oh. I’d like to add.
      This just goes for how we treat kids emotions.

      Teachers should grade fairly, not just give A’s so they don’t have to deal with parents — but,that’s the teachers fault, not the kids. They’re just adding to the entitlement complex problem.

      Everyone should be a part of a participation ceremony for sports BUT there should still be clear winners, mvp’s, etc.

      The bit about healthcare? Umm if my son is sick, he’s going to the doctor. This is why we have modern medicine. I won’t take him for every cough or sniffle, but if he’s obviously sick, why the fuck wouldn’t I take him? Medicine has nothing to do with entitlement. I don’t see how you and some of the commenters linked the two.

      Also, mental health. Well. We have always had a mental health problem as humans. Since the beginning of time. We just know more about it now, thus are able to do more. If you need help, get it. This is actually combating the entitlement complex, contrary to your entitled and uneducated opinion 🙂 — more people are aware of who they are, what is wrong with them, and what they need to change. They are more willing to get help, have more access to get that help, which creates a larger percentage of healthy and emotionally stable people in the world — how is this a bad thing?


    2. These crybabies will grow up to be…let me see…oh,yeah, crybabies! They will not be well adjusted because no one took the time to teach them that life is full of disappointment; that you’re not always a winner; they won’t get an award, a ribbon, or a trophy just for participating; and that sometimes they’ll be fired because they suck at what they do.

      Sometimes the only way for a parent to get the point across is with a quick swat on the rear. Timeouts and introspection are all fine and good, but when my 7 y/o slapped me last night because I wouldn’t tell him where I hid the remote, he understood real well when I said, “If you ever slap me again, I will bust your butt.”


      1. And yet you wonder why your 7 year old slapped you. Because when you’re mad, you hit him/her.
        You’re teaching by example.

        If you respect and are kind to your kids, your kids will learn to have respect and be kind to you and others.

        And I already stated that there should be clear winners and losers and not everyone deserves a trophy.

        There’s a difference between just giving in to your child compared to letting your kids have emotions (crying or being upset/mad) and also teaching them how to deal with these emotions.

        Parents and teachers are failing at teaching how to handle emotions. I agree. But this has nothing to do with the kids being “crybabies”

        I’d rather my son be a crybaby who is okay with being emotional, loving, sweet, mad, and be able to deal with these emotions in a positive way. rather than have a child who bottles everything up, is cold, calloused, and doesn’t have the tools to handle his emotions.


      2. For the record, I’ve spanked my son (who will be 9 next week) exactly one time in his life. He does understand the difference between right and wrong. He is respectful of others & their property. He understand that i n life there are winners and losers, and where you wind up on the scale is indicative of the effort you are willing to expend.

        My son hit me not because of anything I’ve done, but because he’s been taught by his maternal grandmother that sometimes violence is the only way to achieve your goal. I work very hard to counter that philosophy, but it’s tough when he sees her every day, but sees dad only 4-6 daddy’s out of the month.


  14. I couldn’t agree more. I watch and fight with my kids because they are overly sensitive and feel every conversation I have with them , I’m yelling at them. These kids are growing up without being able to think for themselves . Everything’s so easy, at a push of a button. Also what’s with younger sports and everyone plays even if the suck, and everyone wins?!? What are we teaching kids then?!?! This society and the way these kids are should be blamed on the parents and adults around allowing it. I’ve always given tough love with my kids because I want to raise them to be strong independent girls. I tell them like it is, because that’s life. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. I see so many lazy, ungrateful cry babies. My kids too can be so ungrateful , and it makes me insane, but I know I’m instilling into them how life really is. They won’t be surprised when they move out. I’m just glad I’m not the only 1 that thinks this way.


  15. Well said (even if a**hats are going to comment otherwise) I work in healthcare in Ontario and cannot begin to explain how much money is being wasted because for every sniffle, sore throat and sliver in their finger inists on being seen usually by their parents calling for an appointment for them because for some reason a 20 year old cannot pick up the phone for themselves.


  16. I’m a millennial and nothing in my life has come easy. I had to work my butt off for it. My teachers did not grade easy and they were tough…at every level-elementary, high school and college. I got plenty of constructive criticism. I’m glad no one was easy on me, cause now I really appreciate what I have and when things get rough, I can cope. Life after school has been tough sometimes and traumatic, and not in the sense that someone hurt my poor little feelings. I’m talking things that will haunt your dreams and honestly need therapy. I do realize there are millennials out there that fit this blog post to a T, and I’ve seen those people and know people like that, but please don’t lump the entire generation together and dump on them. I know a lot of millennials who are like me, who don’t get anything on a silver platter and had to work hard for everything.


  17. I think what I love most, is that she wrote a hilarious diatribe about his everyone is a crybaby and needs to suk it up, but then proceeded to write two side-note apologies as to explain her intent and not offend anyone. Just freaking hilarious. She didn’t even take her own advice. She was afraid to offend.

    Still, I got a kick out of it.


  18. I think I am going to have to get over being my dads personal sex toy as a toddler before coming back and finishing this article.


    1. There is a need for counseling as she said in her side note. I was sexually abused as a child and raped as a teen, I have been married for almost 9yrs and am raising 5 kids, 2 adopted from foster care, 1 still a current foster child and 2 from my husband’s previous marriage that live with us… I met my husband at 17 and if I can heal and be a fully functioning adult in this world after the trauma I went through so can you, it’s worth it, get help so you can go on and live your life.


  19. Very good points and much to be reinforced to the younger generation. You did spell “all right” incorrectly, and I’m sure you will take that constructively.


  20. I am a teacher of middle school aged children, so can I just say, thank you!
    You are voicing what so many teachers are thinking. Enough with the hand holding, coddling, and babying! The worst part is that parents are perpetuating the problem! They don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing, and thereby creating. FYI mom and dad, you are creating a monster.
    Yes, I agree that children need to be able to express their emotions and so on; however, I will not support little Johnny or you complaining when I don’t give little Johnny an A (or a B for that matter) if it is not deserved. Also, I’m not going to hand over the answers to questions on tests because little Johnny didn’t study, or finds test taking hard. Too f*ing bad – suck it up, the both of you!

    I take solstice in the fact that as a parent, I am raising my two children to be strong, independent, emotionally intellectual leaders who know when it’s OK to cry, and when they just need to suck it up!


  21. Thank you for your side note part 2. I really appreciate it!
    I have mental illness and sometime I have to ask myself “Am I just spoiled? Do I use my illness to make things easier for me? Do I use it as an excuse for bad behaviour or being lazy?” And yes, sometimes I do. But most of the time I don’t. Most of the time I’m really trying to live a normal life, because that’s the one thing I really want!
    But sometimes it’s hard, and that’s when I might get a little harsh, or when my friends really have to litarally pick me up to get me to go to that party we planned. But I always apologize for it! And I know that I’m such a lucky person to have friends and family like this, that can deal with me being not that easy to handle from time to time.
    Oh, last thing to say: I’m not blaming other people for my condition/situation. And that’s important!


  22. You know that even the youngest millennials aren’t even in school anymore, right? So, I don’t get it.

    Seems like an excuse for the author to…whine…


  23. As a parent of two millennial I totally agree with writings. I am glad my kids are not this way as I don’t beleive in the ” everybody gets a trophy” bullshit. I do beleive life is not FAIR. And you have to work your ass off to get what your need/want.

    When my oldest got his first “C” he cried. I laughed and said it happens! Move on.

    He put himself thru law school and just got an offer as an Asst District Attorney!!


  24. May whatever gods/goddesses/deities/spirits/space butterflies/ etc that you believe in watch over you and grant you many days of health and happiness. I could not agree more with what you wrote and i apologize if the sound of my cheering made its way through the internet and caused any ear damage.
    Write on you beautiful bard.


  25. We now live in a society where there are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place handed out at a school sports day! Everyone gets a ribbon. I went to sports day as a kid. We all knew that Cathy and Jason were the fastest/best all round athletes. I knew I wasn’t going home with a ribbon. But I didn’t feel bad about myself, go home and cry or require a pep talk from my parents in order to carry on. I honestly didn’t give it a second thought.
    Instead of telling our kids they are good at everything, bolster their self confidence by praising what they are good at! Teach them to deal with disappointment. Very few children are straight A students, star athletes and student counsel president. And that’s ok!! Hep them to deal with disappointment now, at a time when their attention span for such things is limited, and they will be prepared for the challenges of adult life. I wholeheartedly agree with every point you have made. Great article!


  26. Right on Right on Right on! As a millennial I am so tired of the mickey mouse bullshit that peers dish out every time their fragile snow globe mentality is shaken. It’s like life has never dumped its excrement on them and the world should know about it. How about: the world doesn’t give a rat f**k about your problems? The millennials I know aren’t starving, aren’t sick, they even have a college degree. They’re 23-24, live at home with mom and dad, have everything paid for, and are ungrateful little shits. Everyone of these “future world leaders” in my generation needs to be taken behind the wood shed and receive some good ole “reality checks”. The fact that they never had one is evident and is directly the fault of parents, teachers, and peers. I’m not going to be lumped in with that group. I suggest that you also make changes or these “perfect snowflakes” are going to burn the world down with their moaning, groaning, fragile mentality bullshit.


  27. I felt your side notes were unneeded but then again.. there’s always someone looking for something for an arguement instead of trying to understand your point of you. It’s spot on. People are soft nowadays. But no worries, there are a few good ones left.


  28. The fact that you had to make ” side notes” just proves your point even more. Lol yep. Like you said, people would be butt hurt about it.


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