Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

We’re raising a generation of pussies. There. I said it.



When I was a junior in high school, I had the most amazing AP English teacher. Her name was Ms. Wei. She prefaced the class by saying that she would grade us fairly, and that these grades would not always be A’s.

“I get that you and your parents all think you all are ‘special snowflakes,’ but I will grade you based on your writing, and if your parents email me complaining about these grades, I will ignore them.”

Now Ms. Wei was a little blunt for some (I freaking adored that woman, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t), but she brought up a good point.

Millennials: your parents won’t say it, and your peers won’t say it because it seems every little thing is sending you all to a therapist because you’re just sooooooo victimized, but

Get. The. FUCK. Over. Yourself. 



I won’t even say pardon my French, because you know what? Don’t pardon it. I hope it offends you. Although honestly, I could say just about anything and it would offend you. Because that’s just how our generation is.

And this isn’t just some backless rant. Oh no, it’s backed by psychology and science. PsychologyToday has gathered information from colleges saying that teachers are essentially giving up and grading easier because they are AFRAID OF STUDENTS’ EMOTIONAL REACTIONS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!


I was a camp counselor this summer, and the next generation is worse than ours. These kids are being raised on so much organic, special snowflake bullshit that they’ll probably have a psychological breakdown the second someone tells them they’re not as perfect as they think they are. And it’s nauseating.

Newsflash: Not every single criticism is an attack on your character. Sometimes, you just suck. And people tell you SO THAT YOU CAN IMPROVE. NOT SO YOU CAN GO HOME SOBBING ABOUT HOW THE WORLD IS UNFAIR AND YOU’RE SUCH A VICTIM AND YOU’RE SO DEPRESSED NOW.

Now, I get college is stressful. I get life is stressful. And yes, words can hurt. But we have gotten to a point as a generation where people can’t even make a joke without someone going all #ThisIsACauseNow.

Please, shut up. 

Most likely, you are not a victim. Everyone’s been bullied at some point. Everyone’s gotten a bad grade at some point. Everyone’s been sh*t on and hurt and imperfect AT SOME POINT.

But Rachel, everyone reacts and feels things differently.

No, no, no. Shut up. Listen. Because if you’re pissed off at this point in the article, you are EXACTLY who I am talking about.


We are living in a generation of internet wars, over-used counseling centers, and hand-holding-coddling-BS.

There used to be a time where two people could have different opinions and have an intelligent, educational conversation about it. Nowadays, two people have different opinions and all of a sudden it’s World War freaking 3. People used to be able to tell a joke without 4327852795 activist groups breathing down their throat. People used to be able to exist without offending someone.

So, here’s a lollipop of opinion: 99% of the time, people are just talking and are NOT going out of their way to offend you. People will make jokes. People will have different opinions from you. People will think how they think, and be how they’ll be, and most likely, it has nothing to freaking do with you.

Example: I’m going to post this article, and some of you will disagree with it. Some of you may even voice your opinions about how heartless and batshit I am. Some of you will somehow twist this into a race or gender or whatever thing. Some of you may even comment or tell me these opinions. And I won’t be offended. Because that is your right, just like it is my right to say that I will not give a single f**k.

There’s your lollipop, so pucker up like the baby you are, and suck on that.

SIDE NOTE: Addressing some things that keep coming up in the comments. I do note that my “complaining about complainers” errs way more than a little on the side of hypocrisy. However, the lack of sourcing and vulgarity are due to the fact that I wrote this out of boredom and frustration in my philosophy class after witnessing some “special snowflake” entitlement. Had I perceived it to gain the popularity and feedback that is has, the language, sources, and credibility would’ve been upped. I honestly did not expect my idle rantings to gain so much discussion. But hey, Internet. Yes, I am a millennial. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I attend college. Proceed.

SIDE NOTE PART 2: Alright, I will take this time to clarify the counseling statement. Nowhere did I state I am against mental illness, though that’s how many are perceiving it. My issue lies in people either a) abusing resources made available to people who struggle with mental illness because they’re overly sensitive and b) people with mental illness using their illness as a shield and justification for actions. I do not attack those who do their best to cope with mental illness on a day to day basis. Rather, those who fall back on mental illness or emotional turmoil as an excuse and crutch, or a bargain for special treatment.

Also, FYI, “pussy” comes from the word pusillanimous, which means lacking courage or timid. So, can you keep your “Omg how sexist and misogynistic” or “pussy takes a beating so thx ;)” comments to yourself because I am so beyond bored of your ignorance clogging up my comments. Thanks ❤


6,771 thoughts on “Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

    1. Fuck you you stupid FRANCOPHOBE bitch. Leave the French out of this, fuckwad!
      Otherwise ALL MILLENIALS are RETARDED, because they’re IVFd with the gay genome anomaly.

      Posting this top reply cos dis retarded blog got no LAC box otherwise, but it’s to the blogger.


  1. I know nothing about you, but based off this article I think I’m in love with you!

    One of the things I used to love seeing when I taught martial arts was the parents (most of them in my case) that didn’t put up with the whining of their kid(s) when they maybe weren’t good enough for their next promotion.

    On the flip side, I work in IT and deal with a lot of Millinneals…and the ones I have dealt with are exactly as you describe!


  2. Can I just say that I agree with about 90% of this. Counseling centers aren’t over-used. I can say this because I work for one in my state. Buuuuut, that’s a really big but, I have seen too many cases of families “in crisis” over everyday things, which I don’t understand. Seriously, Sally didn’t take out the trash when I asked her to. I think she has psychological issues….no, you didn’t raise her to follow directions. That simple. It’s a terrible trend. I hate seeing it. My generation is just as much to blame for raising “softies” that do not respect authority

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Probably everything I want to say and post on FB but never do because when I get to it I think that it’s pointless because I’ll just be whining myself lol. Good on you though. Too many whiny fucks nowadays.


  4. I am generation X. Unfortunately, my generation as parents started this. I did not, but they did. You are spot on and not alone in your opinions/ observations, and thanks for standing up and saying so.
    You Rock, and I hope you keep on Rockin’ this rant!!!


  5. No, I don’t agree with this.

    Many of us are doing innovative things and have surpassed technological and educational boundaries laid out by the previous generation… YOUR generation.

    YOUR generation doesn’t understand why we cry in college because less than 15% of YOUR generation actually went to college. Education is essential for our success.

    In addition, the first line says it all: “WE are raising a generation of pussies.” If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s YOUR generation, correct?

    The name of this article should be changed to: “Generation Pussy Parents: The Real Reason Why Millennials Are F***ed Up.”

    **drops the microphone**


    1. If you read the article you would know that she is a millennial herself. She’s speaking about her own generation. Now you just look stupid.


    2. The author’s in your generation. Sorry, but we’re tired of it. And I went to college, as did 85% of my graduating class. So there.


    3. Typical millennial response, to blame someone else. “It’s not my fault” “I can’t help it”. Not everybody wins in life. Not everybody gets the prize, so that maybe you go back and work harder to achieve more and do better. People fail, so that they learn to do better. Not blame it on someone else. If it is our(my generations) fault trust that we will fix it.


    4. ***picks up microphone, dusts it off***

      Listen up fucko, you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. You’re innovating exactly what?
      “Safe spaces”?

      You’re simply picking up where others have left off. Pushing digital information around an electronic box isn’t innovation. You want credit for innovation? Cure cancer.

      The world is gonna eat those of you under the age of 25 alive.
      You’re a special, unique snowflake, just like everyone else.


    5. Ill just drop this here real quick.
      Millennials generation is almost over. The next generation will start to be born. Coming from latw gen y who will bring in the next generation, millenials are definitely way to emotional about critisizm. Maybe it is the parents fault for how they raised them, however at the moment its too late to fix the cause. Fix the problem which is how this generation is acting, and hopefully parents of the next gen acknowledge their mistakes so they dont repeat them again.


    6. She’s a millennial herself and she’s a college student. Your argument is irrelevant. Also are you going to blame the generation before us because millennials are a bunch of sensitive cunts? Own up to your own shitty personality and stop blaming others.


    7. Nick, did you miss the part where the author says she is also a Millennial? Nowhere in her post does she expressly say that this refers to EVERY Millennial. Neither does common sense. If you’re blaming “Generation Pussy Parents” for the real reason why Millennials Are F***ed Up and crying in college, aren’t you making the author’s point?


  6. I am a baby boomer and a teacher for over 4 decades. I have witnessed the steady decline of what is expected of students, because we don’t want to “hurt” their emotional growth. It is such BS. Kids need to fail, to learn to get up and try again. That the world is a harsh place, that you have to apply yourself and not everyone is gonna think you’re special because Mom told you so! I loved this because it’s true. Wish millennials and whatever the present under 20 kids are called would have a little more perseverance and a lot less entitlement!


  7. My wife teaches 9th grade. I get to hang a lot with that class. The most well adjusted kid in that class and the one that will go the furthest? 16 year old boy whose dad has been married 4 times. Mother three times. He has 13 sisters, two which are 1/2 blood. He’s been plastering with his dad since he was five in the summers, always working. In fact, his dad coined my new favorite saying: “School is your vacation.” He’s the smartest, grades and world-wise of all the students. Has his plan laid out to become an orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine doctor. And he’ll make it because as lousy of mate pickers that his parents are, they taught him to strive, to work, to push through hardships and to do it honestly with morals.
    Get over yourselves, or slave for those who do.


    1. I am in the US Army as a sergeant. I am Military Police.
      I have several soldiers entering the military now who are 18-21 years old and get upset when somebody criticises them for their performance or for lavk thereof.
      It drives me insane because this special snowflake BS has reached into a world where there is a history of rigid discipline and structure and is enforced sharply. We can’t be like that anymore. We have to be careful not to hurt their fragile little feelings.
      My best soldier is one whose parents split when he was 13 and he moved out on his own at 16. He joined when he was 20.
      He knew he needed to do something to survive and he knew he had to work hard to get it.


  8. This was exactly what I needed today! Such a great article and had me at my desk laughing! I am an HR Manager for a start up company and this is what I deal with daily. Thank you or the honesty and the laugh!


  9. This is a stupid rant. You are generalizing the entire personally of a generation on your very narrow experience. The people you are mad about are those with high external locus of control. Every generation has them, but ours just happens to have the loudest speaker ever, the Internet. Get off your high horse worry about your own problems.


  10. Well someone had to say it.. Thank you.. I also applaud that University president who basically told students demanding “safe zones” to man up.. It’s sad how broken up people get today over absolutely nothing.. Yes, I get that racism still thrives.. But most of that is because race is being pushed into the forefront of everything these days.. I personally have never owned a slave.. Neither did my parents.. Neither did my grandparents.. Yet, because I’m white I’m to blame for the problems minorities face today? Grow up, put your big boy pants on, work hard, and make something of yourself instead of blaming others for your situations.. I have black friends, brown friends, gay friends, etc.. I’m not to blame to anything someone fails to do in their life.. The sense of personal responsibility is what is missing from this generation..


  11. The best stance is to not give these wah baby millenials the attention they want. In writing this I’m giving in to it, but only to make clear that I’d rather not give in to their neediness. It’s like the paranormal, when fed into that thought process it grows and grows and grows. Then one day you’re sleeping and…BAM!!


  12. Amen! I am one of the last of Gen-X. Going to college after my military service and am so freaking tired of the whining and crying. My favorite is seeing some sniveling little entitled shit say “it’s not fair!” Guess what? Life isn’t fair, get over it. Now with the recent terrorist attack you can see the same whiney punks attack folks that want to go face our enemy. Why? Because they know they’re pansy little brats and are afraid of doing their patriotic duty. This country needs an enema.


  13. I love this article. My children are milinials and I raised them to be tough, self sufficient, and with the understanding that life is not fair. There was no allowance, you worked for anything extra. Low grades and just getting by was not acceptable. I taught them that when they applied for a job there was no first, second or third. It was who got the job, and the two who didn’t. In actuality, I’m kind of glad their generation is full of whiners. It gives my children and advantage over them, and the mental toughness to succeed. I just hope the rest of them figure it out before it’s too late.


  14. I couldn’t agree more. The big problem though is that people won’t take a stand against these whiners because they are too afraid! Clemson University’s board of trustees made a brilliant response to the people that wanted the buildings name’s changed because they said that the names offended them. Here’s the article:
    This should be an example that everyone should follow.


  15. I am 21 years old. I loke your standpoint on some of these uhhh…issues? But anyways, how can a counseling center be over used? They are meant to help people cope with stress and anxiety. I would argue we could use more of them.


  16. I wouldn’t agree more! Today’s kids can not handle any constructive criticism without going into some melodramatic egocentric poor me melt down. This new generation needs to learn that if you want something you need to work for it and earn it as everyone else has before them. The wold does not owe you anything and stop crying about its your parents fault for bringing you into existence. Be grateful something you have yet to learn and prove yourself through achievement. If you fail get your ass back up shrug it off and keep marching forward as all true people of success know that in order to succeed sometime you will fail only to make you better.


  17. I think you’re right on. But I also think you misspoke (mistyped?) something.

    “People used to be able to exist without offending someone.”

    I don’t think that’s ever been true. I just don’t think people thought it was a human rights violation to be offended. These days, people act like Hitler and Stalin were innocent little kids compared to people that don’t go out of their way to not offend others.

    And I want to point out something about this statement:

    “There used to be a time where two people could have different opinions and have an intelligent, educational conversation about it.”

    While there is truth to that statement, there also used to be a time when we could result to fisticuffs to resolve differences and not be butt hurt over it. You win some, you lose some, you move on. It happens. I think that removing that functionality from our society has helped create the problem. If people realized that acting like a piece of shit to other people had real consequences, they’d be less likely to do it. But if all you have to fear is being yelled at, then who the fuck cares?


  18. Sounds like she’s targeting the SJW cancer, not millennials. I’d like to see a baby boomer have to pay off a 100k college loan and buy a house, when housing isn’t affordable to even middle class citizens. Oh and on top of competing with international job pay rates our companies are outsourcing to, because EARLIER GENERATIONS lifted tariffs and are continuing to do so with the amazing TPP (thanks guys). If you’re going to target the SJW’s then call them out on their PC bullshit. Don’t target an entire generation because your butt hurt, it makes you look like a complete idiot.

    “Back in my day college cost me $200 a semester and I worked part time job to pay it off completely before graduating. Then, I bought a huge 3500 sqft house for 40k right out of school because I was guaranteed a great paying job and only had to compete with other Americans. Now I wonder how millennials can’t just shut the fuck up and do what I did? They must be lazy cry babies.”

    On a side note, I don’t think your “heartless” or “batshit”. I think your uninformed and ignorant.

    Have a great day! Now back to barely paying off my immense debt previous generations have given me the privilege of.

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    1. OK I cooled down a bit.

      But If you’re going to target the SJW’s then call them out on their PC bullsh*t. Don’t target an entire generation over a few. I just saw you’re not a very experienced writer and tbh I saw this on facebook thinking it was a real article.

      For future reference you should do more research.. You’re a softmore in college, you know the different subgroups of the internet and what SJW’s are… Just go to tublr or some parts of reddit.

      Also, maybe writing isn’t your forte, might I suggest data science or computer engineering? Because cal poly is going to cost you a fortune and being a crap writer won’t even pay your phone bills let alone renting a place in SLO.


      1. Did you really just spell the word sophomore as “softmore”?
        I think you might be careful to watch your own writing skills before criticizing somebody else’s. I bet you got A’s and B’s in English class, too. SMH.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting enough it doesn’t surprise me that my one grammatical issue would be targeted as opposed to my actual argument lol.. This is the interwebz after all. “I can’t argue with him, might as well look for grammatical issues to call him out on!”. Oh did get good grades in English class, but it didn’t prepare me for smartphone auto-correct lol.

        Also, I’m an engineer.. I never said I had any writing skills. Do you have anything interesting to add to this conversation? Or are you just some random grammar nazi.


  19. I love you. Thank you. Signed, The Mother of “Fuck-Being-a-Special-Snow-Flake – I’m an entire FUCKING BLIZZARD of Special (and, yes, that’s all my fault, too.)!


  20. I mostly agree.

    I think we as a generation DO have things worth complaining about, however. . We can talk about being raised to meet the expectations of being “people with opportunity,” and that expectation can be crippling. Some of us are lucky to move past being dependent on expectations and external validation in order to improve, but it all depends on how we’re raised.

    I do think a lot of PC and SJW complaining gets old fast and doesn’t necessarily stimulate positive growth. It’s the same game of judgment and condemnation. Good complaining has a call to action or some productive message. A lot of complaining today is “I don’t like this because it triggers me.” Why does it trigger you? How can we address this?

    The world is gonna be full of shit and it’s not up to the world to change to meet our needs, but we should work to help meet everyone’s needs as mutually as possible.

    Dang if that doesn’t sound millennial as fuck I don’t know what does lol.


    1. We should NOT work to meet everyone’s needs. Especially when those “needs” are are actually “wants”. The saying “You cant please all of the people, all of the time” is 100% truth. Yet, that seems to be exactly the opposite of what is being advocated. Nobody has the right to sacrifice another person or group to satisfy wants of a “greater good”. Everyone that demands some “justice” does it at the expense and harm of another person or group. It cannot be avoided. Can you live with that harm that is inflicted to satisfy your wants? I cant. This is called altruism and it is very bad. Althought its intent is to unify through some stated “good” it does exactly the opposite and divides us. Altruism uses force to compel participation in a common purpose thereby stripping the value of the good and the value of participation in it the good because the choice to do that good is no longer there. All of the division in our country is because of altruism and the harm it inflicts on those it attacks. Our problem is not in the small things as so many of these protests seem to imply


  21. Preach! i love this post and everything that u said it is so true glad finally someone had the “balls” to say something good for u! its a sad world we live in where every child is a special snowflake. My mom teaches 1st grade in my hometown and she says that the parents are worse than the kid because no one wants to admit when their child has flaws or blames everyone else instead of the home and family they come from. She says dealing with the parents is more stressful than teaching the kids. I have to admit though I have a deep appreciation for the changes happening in the world, knowing my parents were baby boomers and my grandparents were immigrants from Europe it is kinda cool to see how generations differ and watch as the world operates in such a different matter than it did when our parents were younger. We are coming from a different era and forming a new one, is it for the better or worse, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show!


  22. I absolutely agree with you. I’m also so happy that you are a member of the millennial generation and you can admit this is a problem!

    Also it was quite hilarious.


  23. Lol. It’s funny that the people that complained just continued to read and still took the time to “crownie” it down and post their message. Yes, this is a generalization but it wouldn’t have hurt your feelings if it wasn’t on target. 😉


  24. You have your mouth full of truth!

    The fact is, everyone knows where is the line between correct and incorrect, because… I dont know, the planets and the stardust and cosmic shit… and this generation has a tendency to cross it and piss on it and spit over the piss. And then they cry because… they can! because they are the babys of society.

    But the problem is much bigger than this pussy-generation tends to show.

    The problem is that the human species is getting far and far away from PAIN, and this tendency to back away from painful things in life, has created a world which tends to AVOID pain at all costs, up to the point that we, as a species, have created a term for every fu#$&ng pain there is. AND A PILL FOR IT! AND AN APP!


    Think about it: all those psychological bullshit terms nowadays, fifty years ago they didnt even existed on the dictionary. People used to treat people as they thought was right, and that was how society managed. Now, every fucking part of society wants a term for every fu#$&ng type of pain, and a treatment for it! Oh, and a fu#$&ng counseling and activist group for it!


    Do YOUR HOMEWORK in YOUR HOME and come to society when you have grown that pair. Please? Thank-the-f%$&-much!

    1. Find a spot on your garden
    2. Make a hole.
    3. Put some rich-mineralized soil into that hole.
    4. Plant your ovals in there. Make sure they are secured and no birds are gonna come and eat the shit out of your ovals. Put a scarecrow maybe, or stay there until grown. Buy a magazine cause its gonna be long before they grow the size they need to be.
    5. Water your ovals every now and then.
    6. There you go! Take your full grown ovals and place them properly onto your pants. Make sure we can all see them so that you are welcomed into our conversations and our world.

    DO NOT ASK SOCIETY TO GROW A PAIR OF OVALS FOR YOU, CAUSE WE WONT. That work has to be done IN YOUR HOME, ON YOUR OWN, and then come outside and live with us, who have grown a pair since years ago!

    Yeah f$%k you too. Do your homework.


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