Rachel Marie Foote is an alumna from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.

Well, we’ve taken a turn here folks. I’ve always written honestly about life, love, and the pursuit of literally just getting by.

But these new chapters are something a bit more important to me. In a world run by social media where everyone wants to seem like they’re 30, flirty, and thriving, I want to share stories about being super….medium. Not happy and amazing, not depressed and hating life, just stories about the in-between stuff.

I hope it resonates with you in your own lackluster life, and I hope you enjoy Unfiltered Mediocrity.

Pre-therapy Rachel and her study abroad shenanigans can still be found under the “Spain” menu tab. Otherwise, it’s all self-care and domestication from here, baby.

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  1. Your story on Millenials was shared by a friend on Facebook, and after reading it I was drawn towards your other posts. I enjoy reading your views and your opinions! I would ask to meet and speak with you more, but it sounds like a guy named Greg already beat me to the punch at 9:16 AM today and proposed, so I’ll just say “hi” instead.


    1. Perhaps you should have when you were their parent. I like everyone throws them under the bus without ever looking at the parents. Who is more at fault, the kid that receives the participation trophy without asking for it, or the parents that paid for them and bad them given out?


      1. Chris, you are 1,000% correct!!! My generation flipped the script on parenting, and we’re all dealing with the consequences of their actions, or lack thereof. Not a week passes that I don’t thank my lucky stars for being born in the early 60s, and to parents who prepared me very well to deal with the trials and tribulations of life. My parents did a masterful job of raising their children, and assumed their children would do the same. We (as a generation) failed in that endeavor.


  2. It seems like the system that would allow you to actively and intentionally offend people (which is “kind of the point”) would break down if people “[got] the fuck over [themselves]” (referring specifically to “Generation Cry Baby”) and wouldn’t be so easily offended, which you would seem to prefer them to do. If you were to choose one policy (either desiring others to be offended or desiring that they not be offended) instead of working for both, it could be beneficial for your productivity and psychological well-being.


    1. KP, there is no danger at all of people suddenly becoming less offendable. Thus, she is not actually pursuing contradictory end results. Rather, she highlights the fact that few realize that being offended is a choice, not a requirement.

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  3. Rachel, you may have just become the newest internet celebrity. Please don’t change. I am sure that you will get attacked, vilified, and 2-dimensionally caricatured by some statist foot soldiers who don’t like your free-thinking “propaganda”. Know that there are plenty of us who have your back.

    BTW, you are right, the downfall of our nation is happening through coddling of each successive generation — and we are becoming so soft that our economic competitors (China, India, etc.) will continue to kick our easily-offended asses. And they will care less than you or I do.

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    1. Calm down dude, she didn’t exactly start Marxism or something. This article has the intellectual importance of a buzzfeed top 10 milkshakes under $5. Bring it down a notch.


  4. What a joke of a writer. I sincerely hope you’re not wasting your money on a degree in Literature. What I see here are a bunch of older people confirming their own bias towards younger generations.


    1. Speaking as a millennial myself, she’s dead on, and it sounds to me like you’re exactly what she’s talking about. So damn delicate and wrapped up in your own personal self esteem movement that you’re blind to, or worse still, actively in denial about the truth.

      Grow up.

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      1. Hey, Pot… Have you met Kettle? Ha-ha. You just did the same thing you asked him not to do… Classic.

        People need to recognize the issue isn’t with the feelings associated with being offended, it’s your inability to keep your mouth shut. The real root cause is the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude people use to rationalize what could be generally described as “being a dick”. Let’s take your comment, did it really need grow up at the end? Surely you don’t think him a plant that can be commanded to rise from the earth, right? That comment has but one purpose, to shame or otherwise put down the guy… You say you don’t give a fuck, don’t be offended, but you poke him for no purpose other than your own need to be heard and feel better about yourself.


  5. Rachel aren’t you a millennial yourself? (I’m guessing from looking at your picture)

    It’s true that some millennials suck and act as you describe. But you can say the same thing about generations N-1 or N-2 or any of them really. Just because there wasn’t social media around for previous generations doesn’t mean there were any less of these self-centered, universe-revolves-around-me types of people (by percentage), they just didn’t have a platform for making it so obvious.

    By the way, I find it ironic that everyone is whining so much about how much millennials are whining these days. By doing so, aren’t you just becoming more like the group you are so offended by? It’s not just you, EVERYONE is b****ing about millennials all the time and it’s really obnoxious.


  6. Rachel,
    I admire that you are taking advantage of your censorship problem. Most importantly, being comfortable in your own skin to write these posts with such energy. How is it that you came to realize that you have nothing to lose? Just curious is all. It’s reassuring to see another person with that mindset. Makes me want to go to the main street of my town, stand up on my bath tub, and shout obscenities in attempt to search for an honest person. You have a new follower.
    Write more rants on society please.


    1. I came to know I have nothing to lose when I stopped trying to get people to like me. I have a mother who lets me fall on my ass, but is always there to help me up afterwards. I have a potential life partner who listens to my rants on a daily basis, and still (for some miraculous reason) wants to marry me someday. I have a life, and an education, and a fire under my ass. What’s there to lose by simply being myself?

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      1. “I have a mother who lets me fall on my ass, but is always there to help me up afterwards” – good mother! She knows that is the only way to grow and become your own individual person. I could point the millennial generation problem straight to the parent, as it all starts in the home. Love your witting, love your style. Its fiery. Keep it coming.


  7. Thank you!!!! As young as you are felling the way I do, at 50, is a joyous relief that people do and can, have their own mind and voice it with precision. I like the fact, that, even if I disagree with you, though after reading everything you wrote so far I have not found anything, we can at least discuss it like adults who want to grow as people.. AGAIN… Thank You!!!


  8. Oh god, please. Like 85% of the guys here would be reacting with such supportive exuberance over this stuff if you weren’t great-looking.


  9. You say what you want then I will say what I want!!!! I think your rude! Your language is offensive and you dont even have children. Why dont you help people instead of complaining about everything.I think you should zip it . Hows that for being forward?


      1. Hi Rachel,

        I messaged you earlier. Let me know if you got it, if not check your Facebook “other messages” folder since we’re not “friends”.


  10. Came across your site from your millennial article I saw pop up FB. Browsed around a few of your other articles and I applaud your attitude and way of seeing things. You are a female wiser beyond her years. This coming from a 36 year old guy. You give hope to your generation of over tech stimulated self indulged princess’s. Best of luck and keep the rants coming.

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  11. You are an amazing individual and every single thing that you say is accurate. Our society is screwed for our future and nobody wants to admit that.


  12. Did I miss something? When did us or we start the whole generations are this or that thing?The greatest gen, Boomers, Gen x (great punk band)Gen y, millenial, Gen z…?? Did earth start in 1925? Uhmmm, wait, is it flat? Pretty sure there were a couple mommas boys and daddy’s girls before ww2 Ok….you win the internets. (Flame me on gen x being punk and William broad is going to knock up your mom… (use the Google)


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